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georgerandon 10-09-2017 08:45 PM

It has to be estimated like rather useful to publish photographs about ancient monuments and sites. Not for no reason such themes of the photographer are considerd to belong to the values we have set to decide whether a picture belongs to beauty as it is and we often appreciate what we see like the romantic side of reality to make that we are able to accept our time for its being a pleasant one. Already in the Roman era in the culture of society was got the custom to bring ancient objects and foremost those of beauty on the market being them the antiquities of that time.
But to understand about what has once been the function of the real object we serve our understanding of the usefulness of any by setting its image apart in the category of trendy ideals of our time by which such themes like they are some of our artistic activity. We take the object of our lens out of the stream of every day experience and give this an isolated place and a higher value than if this were part of the common experiences. We make so this true, that by the different value attached to what has once been the technical set up of a system to conduct water we create the opportunity with giving it the value of beauty it can be studied as well for its construction and ingenuity.
Take for an instance this object of the aquaduct near mount Athos. There has been a time in which this aquaduct construction was very modern and the last technic reached on the point of water conduction from one place to another. You can find aquaducts of even older age too on the Peleponnesus which many people immediately when they see the picture will value like very romantic and made with a great shot of the camera and an excellent choice of the object. But what you did as well is to make the object ready for study and giving it the value to be a part of our scientific occupations by which even the theory people must have had to create a construction that way could be the object of study.

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