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calvinc 01-03-2006 12:23 AM

Good Photog. Mag. or Journal
Hey Guys,
I'm looking to subscribe to a hardcopy photography magazine or journal. I'm particularly interested in a publication that focuses on technique and photoshop, and even more particularly on outdoor, landscape, travel, and portrait photography. I find a lot of magazines that waste a lot of space on hardware. I'm currently leaning towards "Outdoor Photographer", but I wanted to get your opinions on the best photography publication before I invest.
I know there are online websites too that are useful (although further suggestions here would be good too), but sometimes you just can't bring a computer with you, e.g. to the bathroom ;)

someguy 01-03-2006 07:01 PM

Re: Good Photog. Mag. or Journal
I'm with you Calvin, but I don't know what to get either. My problem is I travel a lot for work so I tend to go through magazines quick. So I end up at bookstores during the trip trying to find reading material for the flight home, but there are so many photo magazines out there I end up just walking away from them altogether. I'd love to know which ones are the quality ones with more content than ads...

-- C

tcht 01-03-2006 07:22 PM

Re: Good Photog. Mag. or Journal
I find that most magazines only focus on advertising cameras...not really that much on photoshop or on technique. I think only books give good advice on technique/ far as I know...

mlopes 01-04-2006 10:28 PM

Re: Good Photog. Mag. or Journal
Don't stick to one particular edition... browse thru some of the magazines in the store and see the content... then buy the one you feel it's better.

Maybe in next month edition that particular magazine will be worst than others in the market... so why stick to one?

Personaly this is what i do.. in Portugal you can find dozens of National and International photo magazines, i see the contents and buy the one's i like the most!


cam 01-05-2006 06:28 PM

Re: Good Photog. Mag. or Journal
HI Calvin.
I am particulatrly fond of two magazines,both from England,that will seems to fit your need. monthly at
2.pratical photography at

I hope these suggestions will be helpful to you.

paulw 01-05-2006 06:29 PM

Re: Good Photog. Mag. or Journal

I found two that are good. One is great for the digital editing, and the other is good for tips/tricks and using the camera.

Yeah, loads of ads, and selling of product, but very useful tips too.

Practical Photography is useful for the photography.
Digital Photo is good for editing. They even give you a CD with video tutorials for Photoshop.

Shame I can't get something for referrals. LOL.

Try Both magazines are available for subscription there, worldwide.

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