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Bjostad 02-21-2007 07:06 AM

To Emiel_Skyfreak: Santorini workshop

Thank you for your workshop and for your detailed description of changes you made. I have a lot to learn about post processing photos, since I don't even understand a few of the terms in your description of edits. I just got Photoshop Elements a couple days ago and this is only the second photo I've tried to edit.

I will use your comments and try to recreate your edits on my original photo as a way to learn. I also see that I should look at other TE workshops that aren't for my photos, so I can learn more. Your comments are exactly what TE is about, helping others learn to improve photos! Thank you!

(the blurred thing is the top of a 6-foot wall I had to look over to see this view. Luckily I am tall and could just see over the wall on my tip toes. I still kind of like the blur, but like it better the way you changed it)


Emiel_Skyfreak 02-22-2007 11:21 PM

Re: Santorini workshop
Thanks for your reply!
It's always nice to receive some feedback back, in return for what we do with and write about a photo.

Also like it when people can appreciate changes that are done, sometimes or some people just hate it when you mess with their photo's..but glad you could learn something from it. Although it's just my view on the photo, other people can like different things ofcourse!

Good luck with learning about processing, I work with Photoshop CS2, but rotating should aswell be possible in Elements..and cropping is for sure! Just try to play around a bit with the cropping tool on future photo's to post, sometimes a crop can make or break the photo..I think.
It's nice to play around and see what other cropping ways do for the photo..sometimes you will be surprised!


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