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mayjayne 05-13-2015 11:59 AM

To Angshu: Hi...
Dear Angshuman,

Thanks for your kind comments.

What a lovely time for you to be in Paris, though I was also fortunate enough to have clear skies on the days that I was there in Paris. This trip I did a lot of walking, as I was there to relax.

Perhaps you may like the following:

Explore Le Marais:
Great streets to stroll along:
• Rue des Rosiers (Jewish Quarter),
• Rue Pavée (Bibliothèque historique de la ville de Paris)
• Rue des Francs Bourgeois (Musee Carnavalet – for its French gardens)
• Rue Saint-Antoine (L'église Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis. Hotel de Sully – from there to Place des Voges)
• Rue de Thorigny (Picasso Museum)
• Rue Vieille du Temple (chic designer boutiques, nifty shops, trendy bakeries, contemporary galleries, and hot cafés and bistros

For lunch go to « l’As du Falafel », 34 rue des Rosiers. Buy at the outside counter and walk around eating. They say it’s the best falafel in Paris!

Take a romantic night stroll along the Seine:
Watch the sunset at the Louvre Pyramid and wait for the blue hour. Then walk along the right bank all the way down to Notre Dame (crossing later at one of the bridges to the other side). There's a wall by the side where you could place your camera, so I did not have to use a tripod. As you walk, look back and you will see the Eiffel Tower blinking at every hour. I took such a slow stroll that I ended up at Notre Dame at 11.30pm without realising it !!

Explore a Parisian Market:
Richard Lenoir market - Held every Thursday and Sunday on Avenue Richard Lenoir, starting at the Bastille and reaching for several blocks up the avenue. A must for anybody who loves food and markets.

Paris’s Secret Passages:
Passage Jouffroy is a very attractive covered shopping arcade in the centre of Paris. It begins in the south between 10 and 12 Boulevard Montmartre and ends in the north at 9 Rue de la Grange-Batelière. Passage Verdeau is at one end of Passage Jouffroy and is worth a few minutes to see the architecture, rather than the shops. Passage des Panoramas, on the other side of Passage Jouffroy, specializes in restaurants.

Bookstore Novelty:

I bought a book: 'PARIS Le Marais' - Photos by Gilles Targat when I was walking around. It was a small little book with pictures and not-to-miss places in Le Marais. I chose my accommodation here as I had never been to this part of the city, and wanted to explore it slowly.

And of course, if you could bring yourself to wake up early, catch a sunrise at the Eiffel Tower by walking down from Trocadero till you reach the bridge, and turn right and walk along the Seine where the boats are parked...look back and there you have the sun behind the Eiffel Tower when you reach the right spot !

Cheers, let me know if you any questions :)


Angshu 05-13-2015 03:42 PM

That's really wonderful May...thank you! We have a real tight 3 days and I will fit some part of Marais in for sure!
Thanks a ton

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