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Paolo 11-28-2007 02:47 PM

Too much spice?
2 guys from Slovenia, 2 TE Member...1 confused brain?!

<a href="">Robert Pipan</a>

<a href="">anton sapor</a>

jrj 11-28-2007 03:23 PM

Re: Too much spice?
Hi Paolo
See the other thread of lunatics - maybe a little invasion going on at TE..

who really cares - probably they just want attention..

..asking me thay just had about enough now ;-)

Mondaychild 11-29-2007 07:33 AM

Re: Too much spice?
They are fanatics.

But: they accept others´ critiques. They don´t write that my critiques bore them (although they are negative). They don´t write insultive and childish critiques as a revenge. So, I accept them. I don´t like their photos as the subjects don´t fit the aim of this site and as they are technically very poor. But they are rather harmless, I think.

rushfan2112 11-29-2007 07:49 AM

Re: Too much spice?
Actually, Gisi, they DON'T accept other peoples' critiques. All you get back is more psycho-babble.

There are more than 50,000 members on TE - most of whom would welcome constructive criticism.

I believe we should concentrate on the willing and let this type of character 'wither on the vine'. They'll either wise up and improve - or realise that everyone's just ignoring them and go away.

Aviller 11-30-2007 06:32 PM

Re: Too much spice?
One of the guys certainly has an interesting introduction. Well, it takes all kinds and as long as no one's hurt, I'm ok with it. :-D

donluicu 11-30-2007 08:08 PM

Re: Too much spice?
je vais leur envoyer OuiOUi et l' ne feront plus les malins après ça!!


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