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holmertz 10-14-2021 12:41 PM

To jean113: probably petals
Thank you Jean,
I also first thought it was rice, or maybe some other kind of grain, but now I rather believe he was selling petals of some flower, to be used for garlands, like those the lady in the WS was making. The could be used as offerings, to hang on a religious sculpture, or by girls and women to decorate their hair. It's very common in southern India.
Best regards,

emka 10-16-2021 09:02 AM

Hi J and G,

I do not think that they are petals. The flowers for the offerings and garlands are sold in another way. Most probably it is rice - hold in big sacks.
White flowers sold are usually jasmin as you can see here:
and here:

Have a nice weekend

holmertz 10-16-2021 01:19 PM

Hello Malgo,
I still think he is very probably a wholesale merchant of petals. "Your" ladies and the one in my WS have most likely bought theirs from men like him to make garlands.
Remember this is a scan, and the white details are not as perfectly white as they should be.
I don't see much reason to sell rice in such quantities in a place like that.
Have a nice weekend,

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