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tusharkmandal 11-15-2011 05:16 PM

To eversmile: :)
My prince had the manners not to speak dirty in hindi for my friend who didn't understand hindi. He was not also a tout to run around people to be finally able to book a hotel in the name of sunrise. My prince was happy with cashew and the camera. He was not judgmental about people's personal lives and was not a racist.
But yes one thing both the princes have in common. They are both polygamous. My prince does it unintentionally and the other prince boasts to be a father and a good husband but he is no less than a monkey when it comes to other stuff as he told me with a very wide grin and a huge pat on my shoulder.

For the patience I guess Marine and Tushar are on the same boat. :D They both have no patience at all. But I am practicing to build it for better.. What about you???

I guess if you take a print out of this pic and then clarify if its sharp or not. :p Some things need not to be razor sharp to be conveyed. My work is done. It has already been conveyed through a monkey for a monkey with a turban.

Stay cool.. :cool: and how is your health now. Drop me a mail. Its been ages you wrote anything.

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