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Hellcat 06-03-2019 08:59 AM

To jemaflor: Thank you
But to be completely honest the colors are a bit of a happy accident. The D200 was heavy in my tired hands, been playing with it all day , and when the crowd gawked in awe to the first balloon taking to the skies, I kind of half-dropped it to the ground. Catching the big beast, framing the shot and clicking took probably half a second.. somehow I managed to grip the selector switch and wheel so I mistakenly hit the white balance to shade - too late to do anything by then. But at home, the graininess of the old sensor coupled with the yellowish tint and the vivid+ mode the camera was in at the moment after some earlier flower work made the image look just like the ones grandpa used to take in the holidays of yonder.. I was just a kid then, and he took the Pentacon and two lenses to every longer trip we made. Still have a box full of memories from back then. It was an instant flashback and suddenly the tired gray man in front of the monitors was a 12 year old kid again, flying kites while grandpa framed the perfect shot on a hot summer day. I posted this almost without thinking.. By the way, do you ever print on paper and collect photos in albums anymore? I still do and many people say I'm weird.

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