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holmertz 01-04-2022 03:59 PM

To kasianowak: football
Thank you Kasia,
It was just 8 years since I sent you that link, so what's the hurry? ;-)
I remember now that after writing my note to this picture, and the critique to yours from Bhutan, I found in my diary that the bigger novices had taken his shoe to use it as a ball. He was the smallest, so what could he do? But since he didn't take part in the game he was the only one who had time to follow me inside to see what I was doing and to pose for a photo.
Best wishes,

kasianowak 01-04-2022 04:50 PM

Ha, it was worth writing the critique to receive the explanation. :-D
I hope they returned the other boot to its unfortunate owner!
Have a nice evening

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