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HimalAnda 12-17-2015 07:39 AM

Editing a picture: titles lost

There is, one more time, a new issue on TrekEarth :mad:!
If I try to edit a picture posted, for example to update the legend, the titles in english and french are lost! The edit fields are empty.

I'm really fed up with this kind of bugs... Do you really test your updates before deploying them into production? It is not very serious.


HimalAnda 12-17-2015 07:43 AM

New issue: no pictures' title
I have just noticed that when I go on my gallery (tab "Pictures" of my profile), the pictures are displayed in 3 columns, but every picture in the center column are displayed without any title!

Please install a fix! You are not very serious...


HimalAnda 12-23-2015 03:27 PM

This problem occurs only if the titles have accentued characters, like "â" in french.
So I guess it is due to the encoding problem. When it will be solved, many other issues will be solved...

chawax 01-02-2016 06:36 PM

Same problem for me. And I agree with HimalAnda when he says most of the issues you meet deal with encoding.

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