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burmaman 11-16-2021 08:28 PM

To lousat: points swapping
If you tell individual members several times a week that they have a great photo motif, a good composition and the pictures are technically very good, they will believe it and not try to improve their skills. I also don't think the truth is an insult. I do rather think that some are afraid that they will not get 40-50 points per picture.
when a new photo of a member appears who is known to always give back 2 points, a real hype arises.

lousat 11-16-2021 08:53 PM

unfortunately it works like this but sincerely when I make several comments to certain members who then don't even reply, in the end this mechanism is created, which is not correct and does not help, but obviously it is the only way to make this site live.

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