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09-29-2009, 08:06 PM
I am presently working on an instrumental video for a song titled "Brazilian Dreaming" for a musicians recording forum monthly project. Which means no money is going to be made but there will be exposure on YouTube and the forum at TwoTrackMusic.com.

I have looked at all the photographs in the Brazil cagegory here at trekearth. So many of the photo's would be perfect for this video. It would take about 40 photographs to complete this project. I am wanting to use a variety of photographs with local color and atmosphere, landscapes, people, wildlife, botanical, etc. If you are a photographer with photographs in the Brazil Cagegory I would love to do a collab. If anyone is intrested please contact me and let's work out the details. The deadline for this forum project is October 15th. The song is ready and all I need is permission to use the photographs to finish the video.

I ask about how to do this on another thread and received a reply from Roland explaining that I needed permission and he recommended written permission. If anyone is interested please contact me and lets work out the details.

You can hear the music for this video at http://soundclick.com/share?songid=7745662.

Look forward to hearing from you. This is not a hoax posting, you can visit my website at aswegohomestead.com and learn more about this old retired sailor.

Regards from Florida,

PS: I am new here, so if it is inappropriate for this type post let me know and accept my apology.

09-30-2009, 01:25 PM
Hello, George :)

The easiest way to contact the photographer is by the "contact" option in the memberīs profile.



09-30-2009, 02:07 PM
Thank you Isabel, I will do that today. I do appreciate the advice.