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02-20-2004, 01:52 AM
It's easy to improve the image in PhotoShop, Ebba.

First I run Auto Levels in Adjustments, that's usually taking care of "everything". If no improvement is shown, I adjust Brightness/Contrast manually. But remember, if you increase brightness you must increase contrast too (e.g brightness +15 and contrast +10) or the image will be misty.
Next step is resizing to maximum allowed size, minus frame - which I didn't have to do now, as the size was good.
After that Filter/Sharpen; here I just did normal sharpening - which was too much - so I faded the sharpening (under Edit) to 75%.
Finally I frame the picture with a 4 pix black and 12 pix colored (color from the bike) frame, just because I think it looks nice.
Saving it all (Save for Web) with an optimized setting of 199 kb (=below 200).

How do you like it? If the misty image wasn't intentional, I think these small amateurish tricks improved it quite a bit... ;o) Lycka till!