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07-03-2009, 12:09 PM
Simon Kolton, founder of Photoholok would like to state the following:
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Hi all,
Sorry to reply late and not realy being present last few weeks. I just came back from Bangkok today.
I have seem the TE forum and what all members there think aboutt our rules. I want again to tell something about PH: we dont try to be elite site.
I am Sorry about what happened to this Member Nuno, but as Arnaud told before we are five and we vote for every new member who tries to have an acount in PH. About Nuno personaly I wont say this is a good or bad photographer, I am not here to judge. But Nuno sent Five pictures and those five picture were not realy convincing. We couldn't know the entire work from the photographer, that's why we encourage every new member to post a link from a personal website our some other place where we could see more pictures. Also when we refuse a photographer that does not mean he couldn't try again to present his work on Holik. It was not necesary to make a big forum on TE and insulting the PH rules. I am sorry if Nuno was hurt by our desicion.
Maybe before presenting his work to us, he should have tought about a better selection.

Taking pictures is a thing, we can easy collect tons of pictures now with digital. but the selection is also a serious work .

PH a private website yes of course.... but not elite. I guess many of you have the experience to see your own picture near one of a baby birthday party, or a nice close up from a wonderful flower in the garden, and what about a picture with the date on the shot ;o)

We always care to preserve the quality of PH and make you more confortable on PH, of course PH is far from perfect, we will never be a Pbase or a flickr even if for my taste those website are realy good and so PRO, we are another place with our defects.


07-03-2009, 12:16 PM

1. I did not insult.

2. I was not offended.

3. I wish you all the best.

Take care