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08-05-2008, 11:31 AM
Hello everyone,

I plan to buy an extra battery for my Panasonic FZ18, but I'm completely lost in the several brands, prices, shops etc.
The original battery is a Panasonic Li-ion, CGR-S006E de 710mAh, 7,2V.

My questions are :
- As Panasonic batteries cost up to 4 times the price of other brands, is there a difference ? What are the brands you don't recommend ?
- What's the difference between CGR and CGA, some websites say I can use both, some say I can't...
- Can I use more than 710mAh ? Some batteries are up to 1200mAh or more, is it useful or doesn't it change anything ?

Thanks a lot if you can help me !!! Have a nice day !

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Bonjour !

J'ai l'intention d'acheter une batterie supplémentaire pour mon Panasonic FZ18, mais je suis complètement perdue dans les différentes marques, magasins, et prix...
La batterie d'origine est une Panasonic Li-ion, CGR-S006E de 710mAh, 7,2V.

Mes questions sont :
- les batteries Panasonic étant jusqu'à 4 fois plus chères que d'autres marques, y a t-il une différence ? Y a t-il des marques que vous ne recommandez pas ?
- Quelle est la différence entre CGR et CGA ? Certains sites me disent que c'est compatible avec mon appareil, d'autres disent l'inverse...
- Est-ce que je peux utiliser plus que 710 mAh ? Certaines batteries proposent du 1200 mAh ou plus, est-ce utile ou est-ce que ça ne change rien ?

Merci si vous pouvez m'éclairer de vos lumières !
Bonne journée,

08-05-2008, 11:45 PM
The CGR-S006 is definitely compatible with your camera, it says so on the Panasonic site <a href="http://www2.panasonic.com/consumer-electronics/shop/Supplies-Accessories/Cameras-Camcorders/Digital-Camera-Accessories/Batteries-Chargers-AC-Adapters/model.CGR-S006A/1B_11002_7000000000000005702">here</a>.

I think the CGA-S006 is probably obsolete, most of the pages that I found linked on offical Panasonic sites have been changed to read CGR. The only solid reference to the CGA-S006 is the German Panasonic site and the articles are only about the <a href="http://www.panasonic.de/html/de_DE/1265982/index.html">FZ28</a>. It's possible that it's a regional variation for legal reasons, but I'd stick with for the CGR-S006 based on the lack of solid information from Panasonic.

If all else is the same then a battery with a higher mAh <i>should</i> allow you to use the camera longer on one charge. I say should. There's a lot of... I hesitate to use the word "lying", but shall we say "flexibility" in the use of the term in marketing, particularly on the unbranded/offbrand products. I've seen some knock-off Sony AA NiMH batteries claiming 3800mAh, when all other comparable products were in the 2000mAh range.

Just to make life more fun, if you decide to buy a genuine Panasonic battery, it's worth noting that there are fakes out there. The CIPA has identification advice <a href="http://www.cipa.jp/battery/page01_e.html">here</a>, but as a result of that information it's almost certain that the fakers will now know what to change... As with memory cards I'd buy from authorized resellers only, and never buy cheap branded batteries on eBay; if the wholesale price is higher than the price you're buying at, it's probably a counterfeit.

Panasonic warn about potential <a href="http://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/info/battery.html">for explosion</a> when using 3rd party batteries, and they're right, occasionally knock off batteries do fail spectacularly, but that said genuine Li-ion ones have been known to fail like that too. If I remember rightly the Sony OEM batteries, and that factory in China whose name I've forgetten both had a string of high profile issues.

Panasonic will probably disown you if there's a problem with your camera whilst a 3rd party battery is fitted, but what they don't know... ;)

I've used 3rd party batteries with my Canon cameras, and some have been excellent and some have been next to useless. Unfortunately since most of them don't have manufacturer information on them (probably for legal reasons) it's hard to say whose batteries they were... Generally 3rd party batteries will have a slightly shorter lifespan than genuine batteries, both in terms of usable lifespan (i.e. a year or two tops) and per charge (probably a few minutes less). Then again they do cost in some cases 1/10th of the price.

The risks are relatively low, but there are risks. I suggest you weigh them up for yourself, and make up your own mind!

08-06-2008, 12:34 PM
Bonjour (good bye) Marion

Plus la capaité d'un accu est grande, plus tu as de réserve , donc plus de photos; mais en général capacité plus grande = accumulateur plus gros, donc il se peut qu'il ne rentre pas dans le compartiment de ton appareil.

08-06-2008, 04:13 PM
Hello Adrian,
Thank you so much for your very instructive and complete reply, and for taking the time to write it.
I think I will go for a Uniross one, 20 euros instead of 70-80 euros... I hope I won't have explosion or those kind of bad stuffs !
Thanks very much again,

08-07-2008, 04:22 AM
That seems like a good choice to me. At least with their name on it you should have some comeback if there are any problems!