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01-03-2005, 07:33 AM
i was trying to take some action shots outside tonight but i ran into some problems...

- the only available light was from the orange streetlights and it was foggy outside as well.

- when i increased the exposure settings to capture the action shots (a guy practicing martial arts), my pics turned out too bright... as a result, either the first or last 'action' shows up in my pics, but the middle ones don't.

...for example, he was standing still, and then jumped and did a kick and then landed - either the standing still or landing shows up in my pics, but not the kick.

i'd like it so that i capture all of the action without having the pic turn out too bright from a prolonged exposure. can anyone help me figure out what i'm doing wrong please? thanks! :)

01-06-2005, 02:11 PM
Iam afraid Iam not sure where the problem is.
You want to take man jsut when he make "kick" and you cannot catch it?
Probably your camera have some delay between trigger-press and shoot (generally how cheaper your camera is, that longer is this delay). So you must press trigger little sooner before shot. It need some experience with your camera but it is possible.

Other problem is overexposure:
Question is, WHY you increase it? I dont see any context with it.

01-06-2005, 02:26 PM
sorry I forgot last thing:

Problem can be long exposure time too.
Every camera (no matter if digital or film) needs some amount of light to make picture. There is three things that is dependence on it:
1/ sensitivity of film or chip(digital) -> saying how sensitive medium is. High sensitive mediums needs few light than low sensitive ones. - It is ISO on your camera. For example ISO 100 needs 4times more light then ISO 400 to archieve same effect. (but be carefull, higher ISO means higher amount of noise too)
2/ aperture -> a "hole" in lens. Bigger hole=more light come troughtand vice versa. But if hole is big, the sharpness of picture isnt good (it is little more complex but I dont want to confuse you)
3/ exposure time -> more time taking picture, more light come trought

so you can see that if you photos in dark areas are motion-blured (becouse of logh exposure time), you can do this things:
-use tripod (thts best solution, unhapily usable only when you shooting non-moving objects)
-set ISO to higher setting (you images will be more noisy then)
-use bigger "lens hole" - set aperture to lower values (this is usable only particullary becouse of you probably havent profi-lens wich have very low aperture values)
-use flash (this "freeze" object but isnt nice for feel of photo)

as you can see, you cannot setting higher or lower exposure! You only setting up aperture or ISO and automatics in your camera do everything else.

01-13-2005, 01:40 AM
Doable, but not easy...

You'll need to light the guy doing the martial arts, or choose a dark background - maybe both. That should equalize the exposure between him and the background. Flash isn't suitable because the duration won't be long enough, you'd just freeze him in motion.

Next thing you need to do is get a piece of black card and hold in front of the lens until he's just jumping, and the put it back in front of the lens as soon as he lands. That should give him a uniform brightness whilst in motion if you're lucky.

An interesting challenge :-)