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12-20-2004, 11:33 PM
Hi, Ive just joined this site, it's wonderful to see such excellent pictures from around the world.I'm very new to photography having only recently purchased a camera (Nikon F80) my interest started a few months ago after completing a basic camera course at work (Police officer) from this has stemmed a keen desire to learn more about the subject. Also just a few days ago my uncle very kindly donated his old Nikon FM which he used some years ago, so i guess i am in the lucky position of having a modern and classic nikon to learn the ropes with.
I am keen to do some landscapes, both at home (kent) and when i go walking in North Wales (and skiing, Austria this year) so i have the following questions that i would appreciate some feedback on :

1.For the treking/skiing i plan to use the FM over the F80 as i feel it is more rugged and a bit smaller... good idea or not ?

2. What is the best type of lens to take dramatic landscapes with, at present i have a AF nikkor 28 -100mm G with the F80 and a Tamron 28 - 70mm 22 to 3.5 AE with the FM, i am planning to get more lenses so please come up with some suggestions !

3. What is the best type of film to use for landscapes i am aware that slide film has better color reproduction, but what type and speed is best ??

4. Any other hints and tips would be greatly appreciated ie use of filters etc.

Thanks in advance Neil Bedford P.S. if there is anyone in Kent (uk) who would like to meet up sometime and discuss/instruct me in photo techniques i would be more than happy to oblige and have a meet !!