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08-08-2006, 11:37 AM
Hi Adam, I am going to help you cleaning Portugal DB. I am starting with Lisbon:


Bathala -> Batalha
Cabo da Rocca -> Cabo da Roca
Cape of Roca -> Cabo da Roca
Castelo Branco -> Europe/Portugal/North/Castelo Branco/Castelo Branco
Fos de Arelho -> Foz de Arelho
Guincho Beach -> Guincho
Guincho-Cape of Roca -> Cabo da Roca
Linbon -> Lisboa
Lisboa (Lisbon) -> Lisboa
Lisboa - Oceanario -> Lisboa
Lisbon -> Lisboa
Lisbon (Belem) -> Lisboa-Belem
Lisbon. -> Lisboa
Lisbona -> Lisboa
lissabon -> Lisboa
Lizbon -> Lisboa
Losboa -> Lisboa
LX -> Lisboa
museum -> Lisboa
Oceanario -> Lisboa - Oceanario
Old Vilage -> Sintra
Portugal -> *** REMOVE ***
Roca -> Cabo da Roca
Roca Cape -> Cabo da Roca
Santa Rita Beach -> Santa Rita
setubal -> Europe/Portugal/South/Setubal/Setubal
Sines -> Europe/Portugal/South/Setubal/Sines
T -> Santa Rita
Tomar -> Europe/Portugal/South/Santarem/Tomar
Troia -> Europe/Portugal/South/Setubal/Troia

A question: there are a lot of places that belong to Lisbon quarters (small administrative areas). Shouldn't we create another level under Lisboa?

The Portuguese map has an error. Just bellow the Setubal district there is a pensinsula (called Troia Peninsula) that is marked in yellow and should be sea (water)... I noticed this because I have filled the entire South map and this area keeps appearing me as yellow. Here you have a map from wikipedia: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Mapa_de_Portugal.svg that ilustrates what I am saying.


08-08-2006, 12:21 PM
Concerning the administrative areas of large cities (in Portugal every single city has administrative areas) I remember of seeing that extra layer in cities like Berlin or Paris... but I double-checked and I was wrong. Maybe we can create a standard nomenclature to do that. Example: there is an area in Lisbon called 'Benfica'. You either can file it as Lisboa [Benfica] or Lisboa-Benfica or Lisboa :: Benfica... etc. Or you can just put everything from this places into just Lisboa. Or we can leave it as it is now :) What do you think?

08-08-2006, 01:46 PM
same problem occurs in India, under the same district you got so many small towns, enlarging the boom structure would end in more wrong spellings of town-names to correct, maybe still best to write it in the note maintaining the bigger areas to avoid that we couldn't see the trees in the forrest anymore .....