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08-29-2003, 06:04 PM
I don't want to raise a controversy here, but a few months ago, all comments were made in english. I noticed our recent Canadian (Quebec) friends use mainly french, when many french speaking members ( I am one of those) are commenting in english, which is an enjoyable exercice when related to photography and TE's conviviality. Is it suitable for the future that comments would be made in both languages to allow everybody to feel more comfortable?

08-29-2003, 07:53 PM
Since this site supports many languages, it's not really just a French-English issue. Just today I wrote some comments in Japanese to help encourage Japanese to participate in their native language. (<a href="http://www.trekearth.com/gallery/Asia/Japan/photo12320.htm">example</a>)

It will be very interesting when we get significant communities of non-English speakers. Probably some modifications will need to be made to TE as the issues become more apparent. In the meantime, I think people can do as they wish. If you want the majority of the site's users to read what you write, you might consider writing the comment in English as well. If you don't want to bother with it, then don't.

When I see the French, I just skip right over it. On rare occasions, I'll stick it into an online translator to get some idea of what was said.

08-29-2003, 07:56 PM
"Is it suitable for the future that comments would be made in both languages to allow everybody to feel more comfortable?"

Perhaps desirable, but impossible. I can't write in French, Portuguese, Spanish, or any of the other languages that have appeared here.

It's kind of like the airline magazines when you travel a foreign (to you) carrier. You can always look at the pictures.

08-30-2003, 02:38 AM
Just my point of view : TrekEarth is an american site. So when I come on TE, I consider myself like being in an american house in America. So, i consider I have to write in english. If I write in French, I try also to write the translation.
Now we also have to consider our member who can't speak english. Not only the frenchspeaker one's.

08-30-2003, 04:00 AM
I also chose to write my critics mainly in english because the majority is english speaking and I want to share my comments with everybody and when I write in french because I know the person who posted the photo doesn't speak english, I usually translate it in english, but it's not everybody who can write in both languages. I prefer that somebody write his photographer's note and critiques just in french or any other language if they don't speak english rather than not write any comments at all. I would however greatly encourage those who don't write english to at least use a on line translator, it's way off from being perfect and sometimes there are very funny things that come out of it, but it's better than nothing and we can understand the general meaning of the note or critique.

08-30-2003, 04:28 AM
I agree with Nina from a selfish point of view- I don't speak or write anything other than English and sometimes I not too sure about the latter- LOL. I would just have everyone do the best they can, I try to use a translator also but it isn't really very good- but it can be quite funny at times. At least it provides somewhat of an idea of what the writer means. And that is the important part- to write their feelings.

08-30-2003, 05:14 AM
There is always the <a href="http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish" target="_blank">Babel Fish Translation</a> site. Sometimes the translation doesn't work so well. But as I think someone else in this thread said at least it give you an idea.

08-30-2003, 06:13 AM
I agree that the language used isn't the important part. Along with the tranlators on the web, we have quite a selection right here. I've seem many postings where people have translated for others.

The important part is that everyone contributes as honestly as they are able.

08-30-2003, 06:55 AM
I agree that we should write everything in the two languages, but you know, some people have difficulties writing in the two languages. Sometimes i have problems writing on what i think about some pictures in english but i'm making an effort.But, if i start writing in the two languages, i would like to see everyone like you Ornis, writing your comments in the two languages. i'm not sure about what i've said (cuz normally i'm talking french), but the only thing important is that i will now make an effort to write in the two languages. :) I now hope you'll do the same,
:) Gitane

08-30-2003, 08:29 AM
I would suggest that we should write mainly in english, <I>who knows it of course</I>, as english is the most probable second language of everybody else.Even when writing critiques to french, portuguese, spanish speaker members, write <I>also</I> in english so that others can understand it and not only the photographer.

People who can't write in english - I don't know why I am writing this in a english written thread :-) - may write only in their own language, so that they can participate. Of course they know that most of us won't understand, but that's what is possible, we can survive at it!

Just by now there are members from 72 countries here. If each one of us decide to write <I>only</I> in native language this will be a cyberBabel... So, <B>if possible</B>, I would suggest to write in english, or in english and native language.

08-30-2003, 09:46 AM
I have put a Babelfish translation link next to the 'Critiques' header. This should make it a bit easier when translating posts. Thanks for the feedback.

08-30-2003, 09:57 AM
Excellent! It is a welcome addition. Thank you very much.
P.S This is a wonderful site. Thanks!

08-30-2003, 10:32 AM
Thank you Adam. This will be very helpful. Have a good week-end.

08-30-2003, 04:30 PM
Really good idea. It is a great thing to strengthen the links of the community and the family spirit.

Well done Adam for this among many other improvements !

08-30-2003, 05:58 PM
That's a brilliant idea to put that "translate" (traduire) link on each photo page. I tried it and it really made me laugh when it translated "ma chère" into "my expensive" instead of "my dear". But overall usually it can give a general idea of the comment. I also tried it from a japonese comment, great, I always wondered why there were those strange little squares instead of letters.

08-30-2003, 09:29 PM
<I>"...it translated "ma chère" into "my expensive" instead of "my dear"</I>

Huh? I tried portuguese "meu caro" ("my dear", again): it was translated into "my expensive one"... Someone could feel it as an offense!!! :-) Well, these translators are so so. Idiomatic expressions could be still worse.

Anyway, well done Adam. Once again you act promptly. But I still suggest that the ones who can write in english, do it. If one can't, then we get the online translators.