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To the TE members who might be interested.

My background in the following order (sort of):
Gyprock (wall and ceiling board) installer, Metallurgist, taxi driver, science teacher, maths teacher, statistician, researcher. I went back and forth from industry as a metallurgist.
As a metallurgist I got involved with taking photographs through a microscope of polished and etched metal samples (photo-micrographs). I did a stint in a darkroom. I even replaced the works photographer for a couple of weeks when he went on holidays.

Retrenched/ made redundant from industry at age 50 in 2002. Have Worked part time from then till now.

Amateur photographer: just dabbling for 30years.

2003: Started a PhD in Statistics and Remote Sensing. I learned a bit about the processing of 6-band Landsat satellite images. A bit of mathematical processing involved.

2009-2010: Joined a camera club . Active club member for about 3 years. Not so active for the last year.

I am interested in Scandinavia. I understand some Swedish and found that I could also recognise the meanings of some Islandic words. Hopeless at understanding spoken Swedish except for very simple phrases. I spoke some simple Swedish in Iceland (Island) which was welcomed by the Islandic natives even though it was not their language. It broke the ice when asking if I could take a photo.

My image processing philosophy: I believe in post processing to elevate the impact of an image. I don't deliberately saturate images using a "saturation slider" although the saturation is always altered by changing contrast and making other adjustments. After making contrast changes I often re-correct saturation for some important colours such as skin tones. I am still receptive to comments on saturation or anything else. I always like to know what others think. Comments that might appear to be negative can have a positive impact.
I am not offended by slightly to highly saturated images of other photographers if that is what they decide is best for their images. Everyone is entitled to develop their own style.
I am not so interested myself in taking 'pure' record shots as 'captured' by the camera. A belief in 'pure' photography can lead to too many 'good' images being discarded. There is still room for applying creativity in travel photography. I am more enticed to a travel location by creative images from that location rather than by images of 'this is exactly what it looks like.'

I like B&W. Colour converted to B&W requires a degree of manipulation of colour. B&W invites creativity because already it is not 'exactly what it looks like'.

I would like to do more with layers in Photoshop but found that I don't have the time. I just stick to Lightroom now.

I won't be too active on TE at least for this year because I finally have full time work (for 1 year). I have however appreciated the interest, both positive and negative, shown in my images by TE members over the past few years.

Happy imaging everyone.
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