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My name is Peter Pap, age of 42, formerly lived and worked in the south of Germany until I felt, I badly needed a fundamental change.

It was almost 5 years ago I have embarked on a long journey thru Asia, ended up spending the first half of the time in China, based in Shanghai, and the second half mainly in the Philippines.

From there I was travelling on "daily basis" over 80 times thru most countries of Asia/SE Asia, many times just on my own, sometimes guiding clients, as I set up a travel company organizing and guiding special journeys (e.g. for photographers) to almost everywhere in Asia.

And right now I am back in Germany, hope I don't have to stay here too long. Intensively lived 5 years in Asia do change people. I feel now, I don't really fit in here any more.

Many people think, their real home is where they are originating from. I don't believe I have such kind of a home, a special place of roots. Maybe I became sort of a modern nomad, the home packed into the travel bag, a little bit at home on every journey. And if there is such thing as a "real home" for me, Asia and especially China became my only real home, because it is the place I love to be and the place I miss whenever I am away.

Peter Pap 帕彼得 (2009)

* * *

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For information on licensing of images, please feel free to visit my website The Colours Of Asia where you can find updated photo galleries of mine.
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