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Hai apa kabar, how are you..

What I made is a social pictures or other say this is a fragmented docu shot.
A real pics, daily life we see everyday, the ordinary life from common people.
In many way, i see pictures as "a picture" alone, and i will forget the rest.
Good pictures not only see by the technicallities, it also carry the emotion which show a stories behind the pisture itself. A good pictures its like "unspoken messages", creates a slice of illusion in mind because eyes sees it. And i believe, a strong picture coming spontaneously without put a notes or a long footnote.
When we got a "sense" inside, at that time, we have already look at a good picture.

"Wes talaa, gak usah di reken ae cak"

Many times i got messages, asking why i put my name on my pictures.
The answer are simple, because i found many of my pictures using by others person without authorization or even asking permit from myself who owned the copyrighted of my works (or put a link on it).
They using it for their websites, printed media, or for others commercial purposed, using it for their own benefits.
This all pictures not a gift from a sky, its not an abrakadabra's magic words, somebody took it (in this case are myself as a photographer, my hand, my mind, my tools, a lot sweat, pay with pain and patient, hard effort, etc).
I put my name, just to protect on my pictures and avoid somebody else using it illegally.

** Mengambil foto orang lain dan mengubah nama fotografernya adalah pencurian dan tdk ber etika.
Sebuah foto tidak jatuh begitu saja dari langit, ada yg membuatnya dengan susah payah. Alangkah mulianya jika itu dihargai oleh teman teman semua dengan tidak memakainya tanpa ijin dari pemilik foto tsb. Ini bukan melulu soal duit kok, tapi menghargai jerih payah saya dengan mencantumkan nama sebenarnya :-)

Jangan Mencuri Foto dan Merubah nama Fotografernya, atau dipakai diam diam sepihak untuk kepentingan komersial. Foto tidak jatuh begitu saja dari langit, ada yg bikin tuuuh.

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