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Young Teenager living in Australia enjoying taking photos at any moment she can. I really started taking photos in October of 2009. My friend introduced me to her camera and showed me the shots she had taken with it. During that October I had a large photo opportunity as my school organised for 3 weeks and a bit, to get around the city and explore much of the experiences Sydney City has to offer us. I started taking the usual tourist photos of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, Centre Point Tower, the Chinese gardens, and more!

I enjoy taking trips around Australia and mainly NSW taking as many photos as my SD card will hold. So far in 2010 I've traveled to the Gold Coast, Broken Hill, Jervis Bay, and Jindabyne. Next year in September I will have my first trip out of Australia and tour around America! Can't wait for the photo opportunity. Pretty Good traveling for a little city girl.

Taking these trips around Australia has enhanced my hunger for knowledge and hunger to take more and more photos. I've had so may opportunities this year that I'm sure most will never do in their lifetime. I got to go down a old, old mine where miners had died because of the chemicals and god knows what else. I got to witness more than 50 humpback whales breaking through Jervis Bay. I got to go penguin sliding down the hill on Seaman's hut. I got to witness sunset at the sculptures in Broken Hill. AND most of all! I got to experience these with my Friends and Family!

In later years to come I hope to visit my dads home in New Zealand, I wish to see England where my family mostly came from, and I would also like to travel to the Caribbean. A couple of months ago I would have said America, however I know I'm going this coming september! I just can't wait for the photo opportunities!

The 1000D & lens I received for christmas 2010, and just got a car on the 20 of Jan! I'm a very lucky girl. Sadly I can't drive it for another 4 months :D

Well Thats all from me. If you have read this far you must of been either, really bored, of procrastinating.

Best Wishes,
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