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-Everyday, la truie accomplices harass me : racist insults, allusions everywhere they can know i am

The tick is trying to prevent me from saying her evil machinations to erase for what i ll depose against her
During the last months la truie has been involved in several affairs : death, harassment, items stolen

The truie knows i don t have any protection from my relatives who hold me back for years. My health starts to be severely affected by continuous years of large scale harassment work organized on the social networks and involving hundred of persons

The grand quevilly sow accuses other persons to be responsible for my close marked track : the mayor, countries key persons, my old boss at work, my former girlfriends, my old colleagues, friends, anonymous, her own relays

STOP HARASSING ME through the social networks
stop spreading everywhere, stop involving people found on the web. Abandon now perra. How to make you stop? You are off-topic now, a robot, a feelings beggar

Hiden and through, through, through

Delete, delete, then no traces

More you ve accumulated evil machinations every day regularly for years, more i hate you. Now give up, find another one to track, you re threating my health

Click on contact to transmit me discussions collected on the social networks before to depose against the truie & hundred of relays
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