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Good gringofil 2005-10-27 12:37

Where is your 50mm Sandip? This shot just screams to be shot with a 50 and f/2.8 (same distance to subject as you have here with focus on the boys face). You'd get a nice blurred background, but still able to make out enough detials to place the shot in context. Right now the frame is much too busy and there is way too much going on...and since everything is in black and white it is hard to focus on the boy (who, I think, is the subject here). I do like the idea and the angle/POV is excellent, just the tech side (and lens) needs a bit of work.

PS: How did you find shooting in England?

Old 10-27-2005, 08:47 PM
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Default To gringofil: Ooops... You r right...

Filip... I was carrying the kit lens with me because i was not having a good camera bag... I am going to London tomorrow anc carry 50mm too for sure.. I did some shooting here in Manchester and liverpool..Found it a bit ok.. cos some of the time people did not observe me and some of the time i pointed my lens somewhere else and at the moment of shot i included them... ( i got this idea from Izzet in one discussion with Animesh.. ).. but as like Maciek told me that close to the people is really difficult.. they dont want to be photographed generally here..unlike India.. hehehe..
my Manchester and Liverpool galleries are here..
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Old 10-27-2005, 08:54 PM
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Default Re: To gringofil: Ooops... You r right...

Yes, I do think it's a bit different than India.

Anyway, take that 50mm with you to London and use it as much as you's a great lens and you don't need to come too close to the people.

Looking forward to your London shots and will check out your PBase account as well.

Take care!
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Old 10-27-2005, 09:22 PM
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Default people in the UK

they dont want to be photographed generally here..

i have a different opinion here, it is quite new and it took me some time to get it. i think people here don't like when somebody takes pictures of them without asking, dont like when you steal pictures of them. i have noticed, that when you ask: do you mind if i take some pictures around? they usually answer: no problem mate, carry on... sometimes people even ask for a photo or strike a funny pose, just for fun. i find British people very easy going and relaxed.
but still, it is quite difficult to photograph people on the street, but the problem is not the people's attitute, the problem is in your and my head ;)
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Old 10-27-2005, 09:56 PM
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Default Re: people in the UK

hmm... I feel this is one way of getting people arround your image,as Maciek suggested, honestly i did not try this and just about to send a mail to Maciek how to sort this out ...

... I dont blame people here.. it is all about perception what we carry with us.. may be the problem is within our head :)

...actually when i tried to aim at them they usually going out of the frame thinking (?) i want to capture something else which they are hiding or behind them... i should have asked for a permission..
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