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mcmtanyel 06-05-2013 01:49 AM

Another innocent photo is confiscated
When I realized that my latest upload in sympathy with the Turkish uprising has disappeared, I immediately looked in my mailbox. Lo and behold, there was a message from TE saying:
Your photo titled, "Her Yer Taksim" (photo1421317.htm) seems to
violate the TrekEarth terms of service and therefore has been inactivated.

Now the photo we are talking about is temporarily housed in my Flickr account under the title TE130604 until the verdict on it has been reached.

The message goes further to say:

The reason is:
-Excessive post-processing,
-Elaborate frame

Let us start with the accusation of Elaborate frame and assess the photo against the precious terms of service:

Frames must be plain and straight edged (simple drop shadow is allowed)
The frame is plain and straight edged.
Cannot contain gradients, textures, blurring or beveling,
Does not contain any of these.
but may contain the photo's title and/or the member's name.
Nope, doesn't contain that, either.
Advertising of commercial websites is not permitted.
I don't see any advertising.

Now, to address the accusation of excessive post-processing, let us go to the appropriate rules. The rules seem to allow, except otherwise stated:

Cropping, resizing and sharpening
I did crop & resize but the photos did not need sharpening.

Touching up (dust, slight imperfections)
Not applicable (N/A).

Levels, Curves, Color adjustment, Hue, Saturation etc. for minor image enhancements.
In this area, I did my usual: darkened highlights slightly, lightened shadows until black areas were discernable and increased saturation. National Geographic's Complete Photography says, on p. 187, "a reasonable saturation level will often be around +10 to +15 on the slider scale." I assume they know what they are doing and have been keeping saturation levels around +10. Both photos in this particular collage were set to +8.

Multiple exposures to get proper exposure values

Stitching for panoramic photos

Color conversion to Black and White or Sepia.

Perspective correction for parallax or lens distortion.

Infrared photos are not allowed.

Then it has guidelines about HD, but that is not applicable, either since I did not use HD.

Then the message concludes with:
Thank you in advance for your understanding.
Well, I do not understand so you do not have my gratitude. However, I am miffed and you have my disapproval.

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